Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aunty Christ's gotta wear shades

So. It finally happened. Aunty Christ was let go.

And then immediately was rehired by the same company, but as a temp, without benefits, and at a lower rate of pay.

Oh, how I wish I had something insightful and witty to say on the subject, but I kind of feel drained by the experience. My new master makes 5000 times my former salary. I typed that, thinking it would lead me to a witty, insightful conclusion, but I instead find myself slackjawed in amazement. Well, obviously they couldn’t afford to keep me on at that wage [insert joke about needing to buy many more gold-plated bathroom items/black-market organs].

I keep repeating that this is hardly the worst possible outcome, and might be one of the best. And I would like to emphasize that just because I may seem to be protesting too much, does not specifically make it un-so.*

*Or, if it does, please don’t tell me. Thank you.


Salty Miss Jill said...

Future's that bright, eh?
Welcome to funemployment!
(If we don't laugh, we'll cry)

Aunty Christ said...

Funemployment! That's wonderful. Just a few days before being canned myself, I was thinking that even "rightsizing" sounds too dour, and HR departments are going to have to coin a new term, like "happysizing."

David Rochester said...

That so totally bites major ass. The least they could do is fire you completely, but the hiring you back as a temp thing is like just the biggest mindfuck known to mankind.