Monday, December 25, 2006

Aunty Christ and the spam poem

Yum! Holiday-themed spam is even more delish when shaped into a beautiful Xmas poem, baked at 450˚ for 25 minutes, and served with a garnish of parsley and bitter, lonely tears. Enjoy, fellow festivity-makers, hat-wearers, and humbuggers!


or, Look and see what I did Xmas evening, 2006 (and then pity/ridicule me), or Man, am I glad this shit is over

This central holiday does not play at great, happy,
or the mischievous,
or acknowledge in the ivy nervous
facts as seen on your TV (wacky makeover abuse,
O’s top nutritious kitchen). Instead,
vectorial holidays keep secret no easy cash,
while analgesics work an additional
exquisite payday. Pay fast, quark! Learn to covet
rectangular yokemat, to take on
an authorization to cash the $250 with memo:
“Crucial system/replica guitar.” Narcotic
medicine is hesitant. The act, the need—get up fast,
go fast.

Merry Denial-and-Boozin Day, all. Me, I just can’t wait until St. Nap Day.


Anonymous said...

It's got a good beat and you could dance to it. I'd give it an 80.

Snooze said...

Holiday spam - what a wonderful concept. And I love the idea of St.Nap day.

Aunty Christ said...

Good old St. Nap. I done him proud yesterday, I think.

It was clear what I did there, wasn't it? I took the subject lines of several spam emails and rearranged them? I thought it would be clever and fun, but it was dull and ended badly. Much harder than I thought, but then again, I've never been any good at Jumble either.