Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bike! Bike! Bike!

Just when you think that the only thing the Saskatoon police force is good for is beating people in the street like hogs (i.e., keeping You in Your Place, thank you), and the occasional accidental shooting death, you get a phone call from out of the blue, letting you know that some superstar genius renegade cop has found your bike, having been tipped off by the ultrasuspicious sight of a black man on a brand-new Cannondale.

Well, erm, anyway. One step back for racial parity, but in the meantime, my bike is back! This kind of makes me a bad person, doesn’t it? A bad person on a brand-new Cannondale, that is!

Mwah! I love you crazy, racist boys in blue!

Or fuck man. I dunno. Anyway: Bike!


rich bachelor said...

Yes; helped by racism. Shame, shame madam...
But also: I'm considering a post very soon detailing my entirely legitimate hatred of Ukranians, from their stranglehold on Broadway Cab to their incipient groundswell of fundamentalist homophobia to (yes) all that organized crime.

disco boy said...

maybe after all that is said and done, i'll reveal all the experiences that have led me to never, ever, eva eva eva want to do bizness again with men from east africa.


glad you got yer bike back!